FIFTH EDITION: S.A.F.E™VILLE Family Comics: ‘I am the Resilient, I SHOW UP… I STAND OUT… I SHOW OFF! .’


The S.A.F.E™VILLE FRIENDS are at a summer camp learning about resilience and how to face seemingly big issues.


Children cannot always control what happens but they can control their REACTIONS to it. They can respond with grit, deliberately inculcated in them by us…

What are the eternal principles that help our precious children surround themselves with positive thoughts and people who share the the same values?

How do they learn to move from being victims of PEER PRESSURE to becoming the PRESSURE POINT and POINT OF CHARACTER REFERENCE in a world where the pressure is real and everything seems to be acceptable once it is widespread and endorsed by POP-CULTURE and it’s promoters?

How do they come to know that no matter what is going on and who seems to be winning, It is not the end of the story as POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM is of eternal value and will always win?

This edition is LOADED and it is for SUCH A TIME LIKE THIS…


ORDER the fifth edition of our Family Comic Series, S.A.F.E™VILLE;

SUBSCRIBE for one year to receive 12 editions;

BRAND copies for special events like birthday, graduation and others for your precious children;

PLACE in your schools, religious places of worship and community library;

GIVE as a souvenir as children and adults events;

PARTNER with us to put at least 10 copies in the hands of indigent but precious children in underserved communities;

ADVERTISE your products and services in the S.A.F.E™VILLE Family Comics;

REPOST this message on your Social Media and other platforms.

For enquiries please send us an email at or send a text or call 234-0833620843 , 08188273790


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