Happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there. My special greetings go to the distinguished Nigerian women, who grapple daily with the awesome challenges of being a woman in a Third World country.

I think the greatest thing that can happen to a man or woman in this one life is to be guided by primary and secondary caregivers, very early in life or even before his/her life begin to find meaning for his/her existence and the unfettered courage to pursue same and be taught both in words and deeds the cutting-edge strategies to express same.

By meaning here, I do not refer to high sounding motivational cliche. I simply refer to the discovery of the truth that we are identified and defined by what I call HUMAN INGENUITY.

What is this HUMAN INGENUITY? It is the immense and inalienable capacity divinely installed in every living being made of God. It is depicted in the fact that we are limitless in our ability to create globally relevant tangible and intangible solutions for the benefits of humanity and we are limitless in our options in envisioning and responding to life issues.

Discovering and exploring our HUMAN INGENUITY puts us on the pathway of living a life of MEANING and becoming a conscious architect of a glorious legacy of eternal impact.

Adeife departed at 10(in the company of her brother, Akinola, 14), Nkosi Johnson at 12, Steve Biko at 30, Christopher Okigbo at 34, Mozart at 35, Fanon at 36, Bob Marley at 36, Walter Rodney at 38, Martin Luther King (Jnr.) at 39, Mahmud Modibbo Tukur at 44, Bimbo Odukoya at 45, Rita Udoh in her 50s, Whitney Houston at 48, Steve Job at 56, Ameyo Adadevoh at 57,
Alfred Nobel at 63, Disney at 65, Gani Fawehinmi at 71, Ghandi at 78, Mother Teresa at 87, Hellen Keller at 87, Eliezer Wiesel at 87, Mama Janet Ekundayo at 80s, Mandela at 95, Lee Kuan Yew at 92, John D. Rockefeller at 97, Billy Graham at 99.

The length of their existence was not a determinant factor in their being enlisted in what I call the League of Greatness™.

Longevity of life must never be reckoned by a person’s years of existence but by the genuineness of the their contribution and the glorious legacy of eternal impact proceeding thereof, in accordance with God’s eternal will and plan.

These great lives and many more, making prodigious contributions in numerous fields of human endeavours today, teach me (and this I have accepted as an eternal truth worthy of earthly persuasion) that there are three areas of investments
a man must consciously and deliberately make: the first is an investment in the quality of your SOUL(MIND, WILL and EMOTION), which must begin with an investment in an unfettered relationship with the MAKER of the SOUL; the second is an investment in your FAMILY, strengthening your family by scientifically inculcating VALUES and CUSTOMS, bequeathing to her an IDENTITY OF POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM and distinguishing her from the rest of the world by positioning her as a model for the world; the third is to invest in your community. Who is your community? Community is no more defined by the boundaries of geography. Your community is the peoples of the world to whom God has called and endowed you to be a blessing to in specific areas of assignments.

These are investments I think I want to be remembered for making and making so recklessly.

I am created as a practising and leading ambassador of the League of Greatness™ and I know it.

I am created to sign with my life on the canvass of human history a strong signature of legendary contributions to make the world a better space than I met it in my area of assignments.

I have this very strong feeling and I now see it daily that my life is not ordinary but a phenomenon, which I have a responsibility to reveal under God to a world in need of my uniqueness and all the good it abundantly contains.

I am a fascinating study in the faculty of life and the department of human exploits that of a truth the treasure of God’s wisdom and the accompanying greatness is hidden in earthen vessels.

I have never been so excited about the foregoing reality like this moment of my advancing in age, knocking closely on the door of my fifth decade on the earth.

I have come to accept like never before that life is not measured in years of existence but in living up to one’s divinely assigned contributions. The universal currency of meaningful existence is genuine contributions and when it is written on a platter of stewardship, it becomes of priceless and indelible exchange and definition of value

This reality is what I want to help today’s precious youngsters to find early in life and pursue as I invite them to my League of Greatness Africa™

Under the LEAGUE OF GREATNESS comes all our solutions and they are focused on our precious youngsters, deliberately empowering them to take responsibility for their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION. Our strategy is inculcating POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM in our precious children.

Watch this space as we keep SOARING in the fulfillment of divine assignment.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I remain Sober on My Knees this LORD’s day as I do SOCIAL PROTECTION ADVOCACY now and forevermore.

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