Your dearly beloved Roving Public Interest Lawyer began this diary update two week ago.

I could not update the diary last week as I was compelled to complete  the series on RETHINKING PARENTING.

Here is the second and final part of this sobering diary update.

It is about whose health is the wealth of the nation? Is it the wealth of the leaders or that of the citizens?

It seems to me that as far as the leaders or rulers as concerned, their  health is the wealth of the nation.

If you think otherwise, come let us reason together. When last did you see or read of a government functionary and his/her family members, even at the local government level seeking medical attention, no matter how minor in Nigerian hospitals, private and public? It is unimaginable. Yes, you are very correct. They have no confidence in the health institutions they have built or failed to build.

Those who find their ways to power by any means they employ, have deviced a means to get the best of healthcare for themselves and families members, while they do little or nothing about health services in Nigeria.

The sad stories I shared 2 weeks ago and many more, which you are all aware of bear me eloquent witness.

It is no longer news that only few presidents in Nigeria history has made health pilgrimages like our dearly beloved PMB(Mr. Integrity, AKA, Most Valuable Nigerian Patriot(MVNP)).

At a time he relocated to the United Kingdom to service his dwindling health. He had the Presidential Jet parked there at a cost being charged to the Nigerian tax payers, whose healthcare are abandoned at home. He was so at home there that he received plethora of visitors under the coverage of the media. He even signed one or two bills into law from there.

Even when he suffered an infection of the ears, he jetted out immediately. At least, he needs his ears to be working for him hear the recommendations of the likes of Abba Kyari, his Chief of All Things, including the affairs of the other room on how the country is to be run or unrun. 

When his son had an crash Okada, which he rides for pleasure as heir to the throne of Aso Rock, pronto, he was flown out of the country for medical attention. I am sure our dearly beloved president, who relocated from the Change Colony to his Next Level Utopia, paid the health bills of his dearly beloved son from the proceeds of his cattle rearing business, situated in the heart of Daura.

Coronavirus is raging in its battle of conquest of the world. The nations of the world and their leaders are keeping sleepless nights to ensure their citizens are safe. Then one case was reported in Lagos, Nigeria.

No sooner than the case was reported, Honourable Josiah Edem from Akwa Ibom State came with a motion, titled, ‘Emergency response to tackle coronavirus.’

On the face of the motion, you would think that the members of the House of Representatives wanted to join other leaders of the world to begin to fashion out measures that would secure the lives of Nigerians.

But alas, the Emergency response to tackle Coronavirus has nothing to do with the people but everything to do with the federal lawmakers. The motion was to pave way for a two week recess to enable legislators to be tested for the virus.

They are not interested in members of the constituencies, who sent them to the National Assembly being tested and protected from the virus. It is not their priority. By their fruits, you now know them that both at normal and emergency times, they seek and protect their own interests first and till infinity. Why? They are simply there for nobody but themselves. 

That is it…Health is Wealth…Whose Hearth and Whose Wealth? All indications now show us beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubt that it is the health of the elected/selected few.

Things cannot continue like this. The citizenry cannot continue to wallow in miserable POVERTY OF EVERYTHING while the people they employed to do the work of the state live openly in the STUPENDOUS OPULENCE OF EVERYTHING. A person’s association with his birth land should not constantly be defined sorrow, tears, blood and suffering.

If health is wealth, it must be the health of the majority and the minority. It must be the health of hewers of wood and drawers of water, the hoi polloi.

A day must come when the health must be the health of the people and the wealth mast be the wealth of the people. That day cometh and it is soon and very soon.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

I am your Dearly Beloved Roving Public Interest Lawyer, Taiwo AKINLAMI

(C) 2020 Taiwo AKINLAMI

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