May the soul of Mr. Abba Kyari(1952-2020), Chief of Staff to President Buhari rest in perfect peace. May God grant his family, friends and the President the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss in Jesus name.

Looking at the picture of his burial as released by the press, it is clear that there is no compliance with the Interim Guidelines for the Safe Management of a Dead Body In the Context of COVID-19 released by NCDC, particularly in terms of Social and Physical Distancing.

Again why was the body of the learned Chief of Staff released to the family contrary to the statement credited to the Minister of Information and Culture, Mr. Lai Mohammed that ‘COVID-19 Corpses cannot be claimed for burial…’ Has the rule changed now?

Here is my final thinking on this matter:

Shouldn’t the government apologize publicly to Funke AKINDELE and her husband for making an open show of shame for breaking the Social Distancing Rule?

Or Who is going to be prosecuted for the lack of respect for Social Distancing at the burial of the learned Chief of Staff?

Or has NCDC issued a directive that all the people who attended the burial to go into self isolation or is there a plan to immediately trace and round them up for quarantine? Or were they not exposed enough? Or were those who were at the AMVC awards more exposed?

Leadership, they say must be by example. Or is what is good for the goose not good for the gander again?

Is it with this double standards of rules of prevention that we are going to fight COVID-19 and return normalcy to Nigeria in real time, considering the hardship majority of our ‘citizens’ are exposed to today?

May the soul the loyal Chief of Staff rest in very perfect peace in Jesus name.

One comment

  1. Really sailent issues you have raised her.

    This is clear risk and danger. Why allow it?

    Why is it important for all this people to be there putting other people in danger?

    As always, thank you for sharing sir.

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