I still remain your one and only Roving Public Interest Lawyer.

Roving these days has become a delicate venture or adventure, when you are locked down in honour of popular Pandemic Koro.

Koro has the largest followership in the world today online and offline.

I am sure the last time entities were this popular was 1347(the Plague (Black Death)) and 1918(Spanish Flu). And most of them could not have been as popular as Koro because they were not blessed with the ingenuity and ‘virality’ of the new and social media.

Now that the fear of Pandemic Koro is the beginning of isolation, quarantine, social distancing and lockdown, we are left to rove with only our eye and ear gates and it can really be tough.

When you now do your roving at a time when everybody has become news  maker by the power of technology, you must be careful. Your eyes and ears are susceptible to the infection of false, illogical, senseless information and overload.

Please let me break down the danger. If the information were true, too much of everything would have unnecessarily stressed and stretched the fabrics of your soul, no matter how elastic it is.

Now, it is double wahala when the information is false and misleading. So one is now at the risk of suffering from an overload of ‘baba nla nonsense.’ That is exactly what is called ‘STUPID-19,’ to borrow the word of Peter Oshun. It is the deliberate or unconscious suspension of common sense to fear.

You know that there is real problem, when your roving eyes picked the intellectual nakedness of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) on the subject matter of 5G.

When a professional body which is supposed to be in the forefront of ethical and responsible dissemination of information is caught in the web of the times, then you know that the end here.

It is in view of all of these that I declare a fast for my roving eyes. I will be circumspect about the information I allow into my eye and ear gates.

The world is looking for what is not missing, perpetrating and sponsoring conspiracy theories and counter conspiracy theories, claims and counter claims on top of this Koro matter o.

What is the purpose of discovering or defining an enemy? When your claims and counter claims and conspiracy theories and counter conspiracy theories claim to show us the enemy but does not show us how to conquer same, you put yourself and your hearers under mental and physical pressure.

It is now so cheap to create and peddle conspiracy theories. The fuel is the gullibility and paranoia of many who have suspended transcendant equation and logical reasoning. Anything is now believable. It is the era of pos-truth riding on the crestwave of populism. The strength of populism is independent and unregulated ownership of the entire gamut of media platforms.

As for me and my household, we have conquered fear. We are not without hope. Even as we maintain Social and Physical Distancing and follow all the recommended hygiene practices to the very best of our ability and His grace, we know our salvation is in the hands of God to keep us. He neither sleeps nor slumber and does not slack concerning His promises. Above all, He determined our appointed time and the boundaries of our habitation.

All of our hope is not in this world. Because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross and our acceptance of same, we are ready to meet our God.

The worst news for the world, which is death is the best news for us to be with the Master, who loved us and gave his life for us. In the word of John MacArthur, ‘the worst that could ever happen to us here is the best that could happen.’ If I am absent in the body, I will only will present with the Lord.

I have inside information, like Kenneth Hagin would say. Therefore I will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of information being disseminated out there, irrespective of how credible the source may be except it aligns with the truth of God’s word. Let God be true and every man liar.

Even if we escape COVID-19 pandemic, it is not a certificate that we are now free from death forever. Therefore, the issue for me is not death, whether now or later. The real issue for me is whether blissful eternity is guaranteed for you and I or not.

I have worn the toga of The PREACHER today, operating in dual capacity, a Public Interest Lawyer and The PREACHER.


Here is your Dearly Beloved Roving Public Lawyer, Taiwo AKINLAMI

(C) 2019 Taiwo AKINLAMI


  1. This is well said by the preacher. The conflicting information especially in this pandemic is enormous. Everyone has indeed become a ‘News Maker’ We need to really guide the windows of our eyes and ears which will help our minds meditate on the right things.
    Thank you sir, very instructive and insightful.

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