This is a trying time for many.

It is trying, not only because of how fragile our world has become but the unpredictable consequences of the era on the social, political and economic fortunes of persons, corporations, organisations, nations and the entire planet as a whole.

This an uprising that is already bringing out the best and the beast in us as individuals, corporations, organisations, nations, governments and the likes.

Before our very eyes, our personal and corporate lives have changed. Worship, beautification, grooming, event planning, events centres management, travels, hospitality, banking, public speaking, party catering, restauranting, clubbing, cinema, recreation centres, transportation, learning, entertainment, wedding, burial, sports, governance, social/public service sector and many more commercial and life activities are feeling the heat of the disruption socially and economically to the degree of their capacity or possibility to innovate and find expression online.

Social media, telecommunications and the entire gamut of online technical and technological infrastructure and the businesses thereof are booming. While the value of other stocks depreciate from Wall Street to Broad Street, that of tech companies soar in exponential dimension. Platforms like Zoom, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and the likes are the prides of the Silicon Valley and the darling of the investors and the world today.

This season caught many unawares and so many prepared. Many find that they are prepared by the compatibility of their industry with the realities of the times. Many governments are prepared because their system of governance has been built on the strong back of an egalitarian principles and not shaky elitist approach to governance.

As I ruminate on all of these things, I find that the real victor and victim of our present reality is the human spirit. This crisis will reveal to us the texture of our souls.

Please note that I do not speak in terms of strength or weakness. I speak of the inner peace or turmoil that defines the composure or discomposure of our heart at this time.

We will respond or react according to our dominant value system to the COVID-19 era and beyond.

We will keep or morality alive or trade it in the face of social, health and economic pressures. We will affirm or denounce the value system we once held so dear while many of us will experience spiritual and moral rebirth.

For many it will be crossroads in the battle of conscience. While many will argue in response to their negative experience, that the end justifies the means and arrange a befitting burial for the truth of their conscience, I will insist that come what may, the means justifies the end.

I have decided not to throw my logic into the dustbin of conspiracy theories, no matter who is peddling same. My thoughts, comments and actions shall be moderated by my core values. I will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine or ejaculations of another man’s thoughts and dead conspiracy theories.

It is my honest opinion both in the time of calmness and the time of crisis that as to law, philosophy and dispositions, when they are devoid of morality, they create a chaotic society, where moral referencing becomes the first major victim and relativism becomes the unworthy but crowned beneficiary.

While I know that the issues of life, particularly in an era of COVID-19  are not always as clear as black and white or as straightforward as two plus two and the challenges we sometimes face may present a very thin line between what is and what ought to be or what is right or what is wrong, those who are DELIBERATE in looking for the line of POSITIVE VALUE and truth will find same.

As mentioned earlier, for me the end does not justify the means and sometimes the pathway to inner peace may require one taking a fall for one’s principle. Such fall, be it death or jail, though often painful to the body in the immediate becomes a strengthening reference point to the principle itself and those who observe and adhere to same.

Thus the saying that the tree of liberty is irrigated by the blood of the saints.

Between the worth of a life and the worth of one’s core values, the worth of life is inferior.

My crossroads at battle of conscience is that I have seen how fragile human souls are; I have seen gullibility fueled by populism; I have seen men faint while they run with fellow man and I wonder of they will do if they run with horses; I have seen human ingenuity trampled on the ground and utter foolishness enthroned to the highest heavens; I have seen those we look up to look down on us.

Yet, I have seen humanity in its positive best.

Yet, I think humanity can do better because we are endowed of God to do better, much better.

I remember the word of  Clare Boothe Luce, ‘there are no hopeless situations; there are only people who have grown hopeless about then.’

As I hope to keep my inner peace and hope alive and represent the best of humanity under God at this time, my only concern is will this COVID-19 bring out the best in us or loose the beast in us?

Do have an INSPIRED and SAFE week.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I remain Sober on My Knees this LORD’s Day.

(C) 2020 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI…All Rights Reserved
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