United we stand, divided we fall.

No, not on this matter;

Nor in this era.

This is the time when we must be divided to stand for if we choose to be united we will fall yakata.

You are a Third World nation, which has never been governed before since your ‘arrangee’ independence.

You are a state where governance means selfishness and self service.

You are a nation without founding fathers, so your foundation and thoughts that gave rise to your birth do  not exist in a vision and mission formats and therefore cannot be passed down.

You are a business station, packaged into a polical space for the ease of doing business of your external packagers and internal cronies.

Your inhabitants have never fought for anything before as a people as they prefer to appoint as saviours behind, who they queue, often ‘zombieshly’ and hope for paradise to the delievered on their laps like mana from heaven

You have been raped by those ruthlessly seized the reins of power and your appointed saviours, whose lives are getting better as yours take a descent into the abyss of abject poverty and irrelevance.

You are a dumping ground for foreign agenda, wares and ideas likes Social/Physical Distancing, without asking how such works in many of our communities where people are packed like oiled fish inside the tin of Titus sardine.

You are a nation that is elitist in nature and have no respect for the egalitarian side of state matters as you neglect the primary aims of government. ‘The welfare and the security of the people shall be the primary aim of government,’ says the letter of Social Contract.

You fool yourself, your captives and observers when you say you provide palliative for the poor. The palliatives that the people did not get when the state of your economy was good and your mishandlers pocketed the sumptuous part of state’s resources. Can there be palliatives, without a system of intervention based on a scrutinized database of recipients, designed, operated and mastered in the time of peace?

You are a nation without fellows or citizens and when your handlers or mishandlers in Agbada, Babaringa or Military Uniform open their mouths to call your inhabitants ‘fellows,’ the ones who are called ‘fellows’ know that there is no basis for fellowship, with the ones, who has never been touched with the feelings of their infirmities.

You have no language, creed and songs, though you sing songs called national anthem and say a pledge but you do not live by a jot of what you sing and pledge. All of these have become the empty protocol through which you open your meetings. Now, tell me, which of your cause(s) are noble enough to receive an attention for divine direction? Just curious ni o.

You are a nation, who do not believe in yourself thus you borrow for a living, money, language, culture; where and what is your identity dear nation?

Koro, has come and beyond the pretence, I can see through the plan of your mishandlers, the strong should live and the weak should die and the mishandlers belong to the Goshen of the strong. It is a matter of everyone to himself but God for us all.

It is a matter of DIVIDED WE STAND AND UNITED WE FALL. Is that not the message of Social Distancing that you borrowed from developed abroad.

I do not cry for you dear nation for I know this is a phase in your existence, though it has tarried since your existence.

I do not cry for you because I know your salvation cometh and cometh by struggle.

I do not cry for you because I know at the end of the day the light of liberation must shine through the darkness of brute oppression you have been subjected from cradle and man’s inhumanity to fellow man that has been the colour of your best days.

Out of the ashes of your dying today, dear nation, I see the breaking of a brand new day in which the name of the LORD alone will be glorified, I see the breaking of a bright and awesome day for you dearly beloved nation, paraphrasing the inspirational and comforting words of Chris DELVAN, a man whose music I appreciate greatly and follow.


Here is your Dearly Beloved Roving Public Interest Lawyer, Taiwo AKINLAMI

(C) 2020 Taiwo AKINLAMI


  1. Divided we stand Unfortunately .This is the most realistic piece so far. Thanks once again sir.

  2. Really thought provoking. This is exactly the state of our own dear country. When will we ever face facts. I hope this is heard and taken seriously. Many thanks.
    Olunike Babatunde

  3. Really interesting! We are having difficulties staying divided. Banks are packed,markets are full.

    People in disadvantaged areas just stick to the hope of that brand new day!

    Thank you for sharing sir

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