In Nigeria and in most Third World countries, the onerous responsibility of raising our precious children is solely on the shoulders of the primary parents.

It is important to note that raising our precious children to become people of strong character and excellent hard and soft skills is designed to be the responsibilities of four institutions.

I therefore need to say that the way our precious children are being raised in Nigeria is a damaging aberration to the globally accepted standards of how they should be raised.

Thus, Nigeria and the Third World as a whole need great souls, who will come out of their comfort zones to provide support to families, particularly in the areas of Inculcating SOFT SKILLS and POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM in our precious children.

Mrs. Kikelomo OMOOBA is one of such great souls, who over a decade has picked up the noble gauntlet of providing social support for the precious Nigerian children, (particularly those from underserved communities) in the areas of concerns, identified above through the Activate Youth Camp and other platforms.

Through the visionary, consistent, credible and sacrificial commitments of Mrs. Omooba and her team, thousands of our precious children and young people have been reached and transformed, many of who I know personally.

She has also built a strong and thriving volunteering system, helping our young men and women to find meaning  through selfless service to humanity.

Distinguished women, I present to you highly esteemed Mrs. Kikelomo OMOOBA, a woman from whose unusual exploits and the stories behind the same, women of the 21st Century surely have a lot of priceless lessons to pick from for our eternal instructions.

Register here http://bit.ly/Wowwithchildren to join the conference and kindly also help us spread the news within your network.

See you above the waters dearly beloved woman.


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