One of my pastimes is to devour
autobiographies and biographical accounts voraciously.

This habit has rubbed off on me so much that that I have become a compulsive storyteller both in my speaking and writing.

John Foppe’s biography is titled, ‘What’s Your Excuse?: Making the Most of What You Have.’ I have read and marked every point that jumped at me.

The most intriguing, thought-provoking and challenging is Foppe’s account of his mother’s ‘though love,’ describing how his mother weaned him of his dependant mentality.

Before the mother’s action, Foppe, who was born without arms was treated as an invalid, who could not do anything for himself and must live a life to total dependence on others.

The mother, with stern instructions to his siblings decided that Foppe would live a normal life and do all he has to do in life with what he has.

The hero of Foppe’s story today is his mother.

I have listened to Mrs. Dotun AKANDE and her story of working with her son to find enormous and limitless ability in what the world considers a disability.

Listening to her unusually inspiring story and the prodigious and globally recognised work she has done close to a two decades now, I saw a woman of divine strength, cutting-edge strategy, excellent execution, unimpeachable character, best practice and clear sense of mission.

She pioneered a work in Nigeria and arguably Africa, which has become a beacon of hope and bridge of succour to so many.

Distinguished women, I present to you highly esteemed Mrs. Dotun AKANDE, a heart and a voice in her area of noble social services to humanity. She is a woman, I strongly believe women have a whole lot to learn from.

Register here http://bit.ly/Wowwithchildren to join the conference and kindly also help us spread the news within your network.

See you above the waters dearly beloved woman.


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