Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun underscoring the critical role of entertainment in defending a people’s  culture, said as follows, ‘give me the making of a people’s songs, and I care not who makes its laws.’

We are made or marred by the contents we contact with our eye gate and ear gate.

Our personal and national life revolves the contents to which we expose ourselves and precious children.

What we hear and see determine what we think; what we think determines what we believe; what we believe determines our habits; our habits determine our relationships; our relationships determine our opportunities or lack of opportunities; our opportunities or lack of opportunities determine our fulfilment or lack of fulfilment; and our fulfilment or lack of fulfilment determine our significance or insignificance in life.

The truth of the matter today is that our world is dealing with a seemingly insurmountable moral crisis when it comes to entertainment.

Do we need to declare a global state of emergency on entertainment? What do women, who work with our precious children do to promote positive entertainment for children and the family?

We bring to the Women Working with Children Conference 2020, Mrs. Abiola SEGUN-WILLIAMS, who close to 3 decades now has been a major player in the entertainment industry within and outside Nigeria in different significant capacities.

We bring to you distinguished women, a highly cerebral and uniquely blessed discussant, whose fundamental credential is her unflinching commitment to POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM and integrity in her personal and professional engagements.

Register here to join Mrs. Abiola SEGUN-WILLIAMS as she leads conversation in this all important area of concern to women working with children and kindly also help us spread the news within your network.

See you above the waters dearly beloved woman.


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