Ravi Zacharias

I rejoice with the impoverished parents of the #kankaraboys if the news of the release of these precious ones is anything to go by and I have no ounce of gratitude to the Nigerian elites of occupation, masquerading as government.

The precious children should not have been kidnapped in the first instance if the Nigerian State has lived up to its responsibility of the welfare and the security of the people.

I am not grateful because it is not lost on me that the boys were traumatized body, soul and spirit and they may never recover from the impact of this avoidable ordeal in a lifetime.

The foregoing assertions come from my lucid understanding that we live in a nation, which from its inception has demonstrated ZERO commitment to her precious children, particularly when they come from the hewers of wood and drawers of water.

The help of these precious children is not in the hands of their parents. The existence of most of their parents is already abused by the Nigerian State. Their help is in the hands of the community and the state. Unfortunately, the community is unaware and the state is unwilling.

It seems to me that when we talk about parents in Nigeria, we only envisage the upper and the middle crust of the society.

What about the hoi polloi, the wretched of the earth, holed up in the of socio-economic maximum security prison, living as stateless people, though they are supposed to be Nigerians.

Tonight, I intend to lend my humble voice to the plight of the impoverished Nigerian parents and I cordially invite you to join me http://bit.ly/TaiwoAkinlamiYouTubeChannel in public spirited advocacy for an egalitarian Nigeria, where the best interest of our precious children will be in the front burner of private and public conscience and consciousness.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

I am Taiwo Akinlami, I preach the Gospel According to Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment® for Children through SOCIAL PROTECTION.

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