Chibok #Dapchi #Kankara: Same Story, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Chibok, #Dapchi and #Kankara tell the story of damning betrayal of a hen, who has perfected the dirty and diminishing game of hatching and eating it’s own youngs to their instenstine…

#Chibok, #Dapchi and #Kankara tell the story of a nation, who shed the blood of its own future…

#Chibok, #Dapchi, #Kankara call us to rise up in the defense of the souls of our precious children…

Are we going to answer or disregard the call? I leave the answer to our individual and collective conscience.

Whatever we do, we do not unto them but unto our own precious children, who we shelter jealously; whatever we do we, we do not unto today, but unto posterity

Remember, it is the unchanging character of evil to consume it’s unconscious observers, who are foolish enough to accept the comfort of seeming safety as a result of social, political and economic distance…

I have warned!!!

Catch the rest of the conversation on my YouTube channel here

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