In the year of our Lord, 2012, inspired by our experience of working within the school system as subject matter experts and social development lawyers since 1997, we released an audio program: 15 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU REGISTER YOUR CHILD IN A SCHOOL

Today, in a rapidly changing world, the situation of things have changed but the principles remain intact. But for the principles to remain applicable in the reality of today, we have gone back to the drawing board and are now fired up to have this conversation again and afresh

The world has changed faster than we could predict, so has the school system changed without our consent and collective ignorance, even without our inputs both as primary and secondary parents. Foisted on us today is a fait accompli with this BOLD inscription: SWIN or SINK

What if you don’t know how to SWIM? You don’t have to SINK. That is why we are here as MASTER LIFEGUARDS to help you navigate the waters and its murkiness and the raging wave, which has no plan to abate.

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Thank you and do have an INSPIRED day.

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