It is tough to talk about LOVE and the sense of sacrifice, it should ordinarily invoke in a nation, where there is neither milk of compassion nor love flowing in the outer and inner being of the army of occupation, masquerading as a political/ruling class.

It is still #THESTORIESMYCHILDHOOD and all I am saying is that this season calls for a sober reflection. There is just one question I want to leave you with before I proceed to my story: if patriotism is ‘LOVE for your country'(which it is ) and the operating word is ‘YOUR,’ which signifies stakeholdership in the collective destiny of the nation, can the people LOVE a nation, which it’s handlers deliberately and selfishly deny them of all stakes, basic or advance?

I began this story last week. If you have followed my stories, you would see my pattern. I tell a story, I bring out the senses(principles) and leave you with stones(instructions) for the road.

I will dwell briefly on one of the points I shared last week: a child starved of acceptance by her primary and secondary parents is sentenced to a life of OBLIGATION as against a life of INTENTION.

As someone starved of childhood LOVE(AFFECTION and ATTENTION) I can testify firsthand that one of the inherent impacts an insatiable appetite for approval for those around you. With an insatiable appetite for approval comes a self-imposed sense of obligation to please all, by all means, necessary and unnecessary. When a life of OBLIGATION sets in and holds sway, INTENTIONAL living is relegated to the miserable background.

Today, though I have seen tremendous change in my life, to think I am not a work in progress is to fall victim to a grand self-delusion.

How was your childhood journey? What impact does it have on the man or woman you have become today, particularly as it relates to living a life of OBLIGATION instead of a life of INTENTION? Sharing with me here or privately may be the beginning of the necessary and personal journey to healing.

Happy Valentine’s Day once again from my LOVE Milayo Lami and I.

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