It is Sexual Awareness and Prevention Month and over the years we have believed and preached that the key to prevention of Child Sexual Abuse is a strategic engagement with our precious children and those around them, both persons and institutions.

Strategic engagement begin with awareness, which we call ‘enlightenment.’ Thus we say Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement®.

As powerful as enlightenment is, it is not effective except it takes on board strategic engagement as the goal. In this respect, enlightenment is the means and strategic engagement is the end.

The first pillar of strategic engagement in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse is SEXUALITY EDUCATION. This an execution which focuses on helping our precious children understand their sexualities and the differences thereof in terms, physical, physiological, psychological and the impact of all of that on his/her psyche.

We believe WHAT we teach is the foundation of SEXUALITY EDUCATION. WHAT here refers to content. Once our content is wrong, our education is faulty.

The matter, which we have brought to the parliament today is what part of the child’s body is private when it comes to educating child(any person below 18) about what constitutes SEXUAL ABUSE and how to prevent the same? Or do we agree or disagree that when it comes to educating our precious children on their roles in the PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION from Child Sexual Abuse, every part of their body is private to them?

We look forward to reading your views as we declare the parliaments open this week.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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