On Saturday, June 5, 2021, I was on PlusTV to address the root of the culture of silence.

Having been on the field for a while now defending the rights of the precious African Child, I have continued to ask myself the question: is the society ready for this thing we call Breaking the Culture of Silence?

Is Breaking the Culture of Silence when it comes to Sexual Abuse an END or a MEAN? If it is an END, what END? That someone should just speak up and earn what?

I believe that speaking up when one is affected by Sexual Abuse should be a MEANS to seeking justice for the affected person or the society as a whole.

Here is the big question I ask today, why do we pursue a MEANS when the END is not assured? Does our society today have what it takes to pursue this END looking as our DEFAULT DISPOSITION to not only disbelief the affected person but to cook up ingenious and creative ways to fault his/her story; our unjust criminal justice system; the extreme poverty in the land and the impact on the affected person, the character of many advocates as short-distance runners?

If our society as it today does not have what it takes to meet the END, do we have the moral authority to advocate for the MEANS as if it is the END?

Could it amount to a SET-UP to advocate for a MEANS when the END is jeopardized and it is likely to leave the one who is speaking up in a worse state than he/she was before speaking up?

This is the conversation we want to have today at 8.00PM(WAT) and we invite you to join us via our Facebook Group or YouTube Channel

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