I was called to the Nigerian Bar on Tuesday, September 28, 1999. On that day, God, whom I serve and whose I am visited in the vision of the night saying, I was not being called because I was qualified for it, I was a candidate of His Unmerited Favour (GRACE) and that I was being sent on an errand to use the law as an instrument of social change in an unjust and hostile world.

I understood perfectly, by the life I have led before I was 27, if was dead life would not have been unfair to me or if I was a living dead either holed up in a prison system or conferred permanent residency in a mental home, life would have been deemed to have dealt me the due reward of the vigorous labour of waywardness of my youth. Today, there is nothing in me, which must judge a young person, struggling with one issue or the other. Everything grateful inside me just wants to help. My hope for these youngsters is my story.

I have not been disobedient to this calling since then, knowing that I am a lawyer by covenant and necessity is laid upon me to do the bidding of the one who called me to LIFE and to the Bar.

That you are in partnership with God on a mission does not exclude you from pain, disappointments, rejection, betrayal, being misunderstood and even labelled and the likes. One thing is sure, He causes us to triumph in all things and all times even in the face of death. And I can tell you for free that I have had my fair share of all of these and more. I have faced circumstances, so daunting that I despaired, even to the point of throwing in the towel.

In the face of ardent and seemingly insurmountable odds, I have pressed on and His GRACE has been sufficient for me in my many weaknesses. Today, I honestly have nothing to boast of but his GRACE. Unmerited Favour.

The other day, I think it was 2017, it was my wedding anniversary, my life was being poured away before me as I became suddenly ill that evening as my wife and I prepared to take ourselves out to celebrate our anniversary. We ended up celebrating the evening at the hospital where I was rushed. I actually thought it was over with me on this side of heaven that memorable day. The interesting thing was that in the midst of the pandemonium that greeted my seeming departure, I discovered that I had no fear to meet my God. I had peace and was calm.

In retrospect, I think that peace came from my knowledge of my relationship with Christ, who gave His life for me and that as His assigned agent on earth, I have by His GRACE abided wherein I was called with God.

Friends, I am learning to be calm in the face of the fiercest of battles of life, knowing that He does not leave nor forsake because He called me.

He once told me, ‘I will help you’ and I see Him live up to his word. My commonest prayer is ‘Lord, I am in your hands.’ I fall into His hands daily, He carries me, washes me, cleans my wounds(sometimes self-inflicted) puts me on His shoulder and shows me to the world as a finished product, though I am still very much work in progress.

As I go about His business again this busy week, loving my family by His GRACE, working with individuals and organisations to preach the Gospel According to Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for the precious African children and speaking the truth of my conscience to forces of oppression, particularly in our social and political space, I am conscious of this one thing, I am on CALL and not on a COMPETITION, I am a product of His GRACE and GRACE is unstoppable.

I hope you are able to pick a lesson or two from this missive from my heart and if you do not mind, you may want to share.

Do have an INSPIRED week.


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