It has recently been reported that one Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that Sylvester Oromoni died from the injuries he sustained during an initiation exercise into a cult, to which he voluntarily subscribed.

Well, it seems the family of slain Sylvester has decided to take the said Kemi Olunloyo serious by writing to the police to interrogate her.

Well, but for the family’s intervention, I would not ordinarily respond to interventions like Olunloyo’s, which constitute nothing but mega distraction to the issues at hand and a chronic sign of our class or societal insanity.

Let us even assume without conceding that Sylvester enrolled to be a cult member and he died from the injuries he sustained during the initiation exercise, under whose care was he when the initiation took place? On whose premises did the initiation take place? Does that mean Dowen College is a breeding ground for cult members? Is Dowen College now a safe ground for cult initiation exercises? Does that mean Dowen College is a CRIME SCENE? If the initiation took place outside the school, how was a child under the care of a school with a duty of care leave the school to participate in an initiation exercise? If he left the school to participate in a cult initiation exercise, how did he get back into the school without the school knowing?

One of the signs of class or societal insanity is for us to perfect the act of leaving leprosy to treat ringworm.

There is nothing this one Olunloyo has said as far as I am concerned as a thinking human being and Subject Matter Expert that deserves any attention.

I do not think we should play into the hand of the insanity of the majority and bless a class or societal insanity with any form of seriousness.

Dowen College has a case to answer and they MUST by all civilised means necessary. Denial, prevarications, falsehood or sponsored insanity cannot help in the case at hand.

Like Dowen, every school, which brings children together must begin to dig their well of Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment®️ for Children before they are thirsty.

I guess I have made enough contribution to the class or societal insanity or what do I even know?

Do have an INSPIRED evening.

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