It is was my first time of being away from my immediate family, since the arrival of our precious son, TIERIAYOOLUWA and it was a long one, close to three(3) weeks.

Though I was away in the body, I was present with them in my soul and spirit and all was made effective by the force of technology and the many tools it brings. So, I was neither out of sight nor out soul.

TIERIAYOOLUWA was exactly 4 weeks old when I left and 7 weeks upon my return.

He is bouncing in the Lord, enjoying the pleasure and care of his diligently loving mother. Yet, as a child with a balanced sense of care, he missed dad’s special stimulation exercises of praying the Holy Scriptures into his life, with my palm resting on his forehead, holding, carrying, dancing, singing and saying to him his ORIKI from the AKINLAMI, FAWEHINMI & AKINNIBOSUN lineages while changing his diaper or pacifying him while crying, speaking to him in my Ondo dialect/Yoruba Language, which I and his mum are committed he must speak as his first dialect/language. You know it is the physical first before the rest in terms of offering care to our son.

We have been having very interesting father/son catch-up bonding time since I returned. I have missed him so dearly, the first and child of my old age, born by my deeply beloved wife of my youth.

TIERIAYOOLUWA, your looks are more intense and engaging, your smiles are longer and broader, your holds are longer and firmer, your sleep is deeper and longer, your eating is becoming a bit predictable, your poop is thicker and carry a stronger smell(but still yellow like Egunsi soup, like your mum love to describe it), your cry is louder and kind of less, your hairs are glowing, your forehead is shining, your spirit is high and you know as we always say to you since when you are in the womb, you are here to STAY, here to GROW, here to GLOW, here to SHOW UP, here to STAND OUT, here to SHOW OFF your God-installed HUMAN INGENUITY and His GLORY. I love YOU with every ounce of my breath.


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