TIERIAYOOLUWA, that my boss, that I introduced to you a while ago is 2 months old(60 days) today. It is his very first Christmas on earth and mine as his #FIFTYPLUSDAD

I do not need him to be one or ten years old to accept the reality of the truism: ‘a baby changes everything,’ apology to Faith Hill

If a baby does not change you, nothing will. Babies are teachers, whose mandates in our life is to teach us to love unconditional, peace undisruptable, curiosity at its peak, joy unspeakable, continuity in its purest meaning, time consciousness as a constant reality.

Children do not only grow too fast, but they are also fast teachers and it does not matter if you are a slow learner. You will learn now, catch up later or simply get lost and lick your wounds in the woods.

By seeming impatient, they teach you patient, they do not only teach you to care, but they also teach you how to care in detail. They teach you, unconditional love. How do you love a person, who cannot say thank you yet? Love to children means appreciation and attention. They teach you speed. They teach you commitment. They teach you unity as couples

Every man is tested according to the praises accorded him. Children are the catalyst of this verse of scripture.

Children simply humble you, bringing you to a place of surrender to their lordship. You will have to learn their ways even as they learn yours. The challenge is that they learn yours unconsciously and leisurely but you learn their ways against your own odds of being fully formed. It is tougher for someone like me, who received the gift of this awesome boy at the age of 51, 15 years into our marriage.

Wow, no matter how prepared you think you are the subjective reality of the personality of your child will militate against the best of your preparation. You will either learn the wisdom of retooling and adapting to the reality of the child or you lose out too early. You either subject the objective reality of what you have learnt to the subjective reality of the child in your hand or priding yourself on the throne of your objective reality becomes your Waterloo or nightmare.

There is no room for chance, knowledge, skill and fortitude must be your weapon of LOVE and CARE, knowing that there is no time to gaze when it comes to child development. Promptness is the name of the game. He is in a state of life and in a phase of development. To him we cannot answer tomorrow, his name is today, as Gabrielle Mistral.

TIERIAYOLUWA exposes and teaches me and I pray daily for the humility to submit to his priceless wisdom and be an example and inspiration of the contents of the character I seek for and from him.

Thank you for celebrating with us today and compliments of the season to you all from TiERI and the hero of his LOVE and CARE, the wife of my youth, Oluwafunmilayo.


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