Yesterday, I told the story of the UNICEF documentary on me and promised to draw some lessons therefrom.

The principle at place was Use of Virtual Image as part of the child protection protocol of UNICEF.

It was not subject to compromise or pity because we wanted to please the precious children, who could not make it into the call because they could produce the consent from their parents. If we compromise the system to admit they would have be happy but the UNICEF protocols as communicated to MIND would have been violated and weakened. The children also, both those who make it into the hall and these who did not would have learnt a lesson that we are not serious about whatever reason behind our demand for their parents consents. If we have difficulty in enforcing the policy position of UNICEF, what is the assurance that the reason behind why it was created can still be salvaged.

The lessons here are clear and it should not be loss on us and it is that the #NOPROTECTETIONSCHOOL must be pursued without sucummbing personal preference, emotion or immediate pragmatism.

It is important also to note that there are also consequences for every action on the earth. When we act contrary to principles, we accelerate the days of devastating consequences, which must accompany a breach.

Look around you and you see child focused organisations, who gather children and cut the corners of ignoring child protection through a system, codified into a POLICY and broken down into IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES on which every stakeholder including parents and children are trained periodically and the same is subject to review annually or one in two years. They either omit to commit to one or when they commit they don’t enforce.

We must judge ourselves as Child Focused Organisations before anybody judges us or before the day of a crisis, where what will matter is whether or not you have in place the mechanism to prevent abuse according to the provision of the law.

It is in the spirit of the foregoing that we propose a toast to the continuation of the  #NOPROTECTIONNOSCHOOL campaign until our society accepts the same as an indispensable reality in providing care for our precious children.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

S.A.F.E® for Children ETHICIST

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