I have been blessed with the privilege of knowing very early in my adult and professional life that I was called to be the conscience of the African Child and the primary and secondary parents ordained by God to give them a hope and a future. I have not been unfaithful to this calling till today, beginning with an alloyed commitment to be the conscience of my nuclear family. My family must be the first beneficiary of my Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® ETHICISM.

The other privilege I have been blessed with is to work since 2005, as consultant in diverse capacities with international organisations like UNICEF, SOS Children’s Village International, the British Council, RoLAC and the likes. This priceless privilege of professional relationships with these organisations and their partners like UNFPA, USAID, Child Frontiers and many others, which are not only very big on Child Protection but are uncompromising in their ethical commitment to thesame have exposed me to best ethical and operational practices the highest global level possible.

My most priceless take away from these relationships was that they all of these organisations see Child Protection as their primary responsibility and whatever the world considers as their purposes of existence.

Over the years, what was first to me a mental shift, dancing around the membrane of my consciousness has now become accustomed to my spirit, soul and body as the foundational definition of my personal and professional disposition to the subject matter of Child Protection, which I now call Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for Children.

Therefore as Mandela said, the Struggle is My Life,’ I say with sense of uttermost humility that this conversation right and the internal and internalised believe system driving them is my life.

I now invite you to join the conversation of my life right here https://youtu.be/RdH5CXY2PFc, the simplified definition of my philosophy of child protection, which begins from rights to protection and protection to childhood preservation and the same becoming the number one commitment of every child-focused organisation on the face of Africa.

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