…In The Pursuit of Justice Beyond the Trends.

justicefor has become a thing of trend today. Trends as we know only have a temporary effects.

Darkness doesn’t mind a pinch of light, what darkness cannot stand is consistent presence of light. Temporary justice campaigns are intermittent ray of lights that cannot conquer darkness. We must ask ourselves, the meaning of #justicefor especially as we tend not to follow through.

How do we keep our PRECIOUS CHILDREN alive, beyond the trends.

That is the conversation right here https://youtu.be/T3XzCWA75nA as we keep pushing the frontiers of our campaign, #NOPROTECTIONNOSCHOOL and calling you to action to be conscious of the same and insist on the principles within your areas of influence. Thank you for joining us here.

Kindly like, comment and share.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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