On December 17, 2021, we began our #NOPROTECTIONNOSCHOOL, which is our attempt to the protection of our precious children within the school system, employing the System’s Approach. System’s Approach begins with installing in a school a Child Protection System, codified into a POLICY, broken down into PROCESSES on which every stakeholder in the school (including parents and children) are periodically trained on the roles.

The campaign ran till the end of January 31, 2022, when it metamorphosed into a bigger campaign, #NOPROTECTIONNOCHILDREN.

It is our belief that the well-being of the precious African child is threatened on all sides and everywhere he/she goes. The threat is traceable to the fact that most of our private and public institutions are yet to accept the wisdom in System’s Approach to Child Protection and this makes our precious children subject to one form of abuse or the other.

The purpose of Children’s Rights is to achieve protection of our precious children and the goal of child protection is to achieve childhood preservation and childhood is only preserved when the PERSONHOOD of the child is discovered, recognized and respected.

The absence of the commitment of our private and public institutions in Africa to System’s Approach to Child Protection is an existential threat to existence of our precious children. Once there is no System, our precious children are not protected anywhere, including within the family, once they are not protected then childhood is threatened with extinction. That is why we say NOPROTECTIONNOCHILDREN.

In the days ahead we shall keep you posted of our programs, designed to help us achieve the objective of campaign, which is to get everyone in Africa to think system, when they think of our precious children and their protection.

We believe that the foregoing is only possible if everyone in the life of the African child sees as his/her number one responsibility the protection of our precious children. It means whatever we do, we see ourselves as Child Protection person or organization, now offer that service. For example, a school must see itself as a Child Protection school, which now offers education.

By next week, we shall share in better details how you can be part of the campaign. For more and better information on our campaign and the substance of, please visit Taiwo AKINLAMI Youtube Channel via the link here:

Do have an INSPRED week ahead as we fight to preserve African by preserving her precious children.

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