Even the Chapter 2 of the flawed 1999 #Constitution of #Nigeria acknowledges that the #welfare and the #security of the #people shall be the primary aim of #government.

It is audible to the deaf, obvious to the blind and palpable to the leper that in the Nigeria and most #African Countries, we as #citizens or denizens do not have a taste of this globally recognized Returns on Investment of the #socialcontract, represented in local and international laws in Africa. The reckoning of our past and present social, political and economic experiences is eloquently pervasive: we are not considered human, not to think or talk of being accorded any form of dignity. We are in a constant state of disadvantage and bias, #children, women and #men.

Discussing the #internationalwomensday2022 without discussing the state of our continent amounts to ignoring a degenerating rot, which is a classic reenactment of Thomas Hobbes’ life in the state of nature: “#solitary, #poor, #nasty, #brutish, and #short.”

Women and #girls exist in the spiky rubble of general #bias and #injustice and in fact suffer double jeopardy because of societal, #economic and #political bias attributed to being a #woman in the developmentally retarded #Africa, which seems to have become the poverty capital of the world.

6.7 million African #girls are out of #school #children. African #Women are the poorest in the world suffering from different cases of #violence, including #domestic and #economic violence. According to, ‘about 830 women die from #pregnancy or #childbirth related #complications every day — 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries, with more than half of them in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 300,000 women die every year in Africa due to childbirth and pregnancy-related issues. “That is much more than a war, that is much more than [terrorism]’ What about forcefully giving children out in ‘#marriage’? The woes of the African girls and women, immersed in awful #bias of accessing basic needs of life, known as #SOCIALPROTECTION, are too numerous to mention.

Today is a good day to shine the light on the seemingly irredeemable reality of most African Women and stir the waters of immediate and long-term #change as there are many women who are striving so hard in the trenches and cannot afford a meal nor a dream.

We will continue to use our work: Women Working with Children (WoW) to be a voice for African women and encourage us all to organize and wrestle our continent by all peaceful means necessary from the claws of parasitic giants, who have force themselves down our pollical and socio-economic throats and sitting comfortably in our #social #wombs, making us most uncomfortable, yet, masquerading as leaders.

While it is a sober celebration for us, we cannot but eulogize the audacity and resilience that our women represent.

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