Parenting and Protecting Our Precious Children: Moving from Trends to Agendas

The Wife of my Youth, Oluwafunmilayo and I, presenting our comic, S.A.F.E®VILLE to the Public, March, 2019

Recent happenings across the globe, particularly in Africa has brought matters concerning our precious children and their primary and secondary parents to the front burner of public discourse.

For example, in the month of April alone, I made contributions to like 6(six) print and electronic media platforms in the United States of America and Nigeria on the subjects matter of parenting and Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for our precious African Children everywhere.

I made tangible contributions to those platforms from the abundance of our ideology:

Parenting is the core responsibility of every member of the society, who the child comes across and the same must be deliberate and cannot be subject to chance.

I reiterated our thinking that no society has ever lost her investment of tangible and intangible resources in her precious children. I also noted that no society ever gets away with abusing and neglecting her precious children. I opined that the dedicated and purposeful investment in our precious children and failure in the duty to do so both yield exponential results in both positive and negative digits in all of our private and public lives.

I noted that our precious children are either beneficiaries or victims of our positive or negative examples. Therefore, what we love and commend or do not love and condemn today in our precious children we are the ones, who planted them there, first by our examples and second by our training as primary and secondary parents.

I noted that today’s primary and secondary parents must humble themselves and learn from their precious children, noting that our today’s Generations Z and A children will always be ahead of us because they have the advantage of being born and socialized in a SMART and digitalized world. This is a faster world than the analogue world in which we were socialized. If the analogue ways of doing things were perfect and effective, there would not have been a need for a digitalized world, where the fourth Industrial Revolution has come upon us and hold irresistible sway over every affair of our private and public lives.

You see, between you and I, as I made those points and was fulfilled by the opportunity to do so, there was something I was not fulfilled about. I was not fulfilled by the fact that those contributions were not part of a deliberate agenda to build a world fit for children, through a system and empowerment of the primary and secondary parents. I knew that the commitment of the media houses to grant me access to their audiences was because of the trending currency of the subjects matters of parenting and Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for our precious children in view of recent occurrences. I knew that with time, the trending currency in the social market will soon crash and be discarded, waiting for another unfortunate occurrence to boost its purchasing power of our attention. By this reality, I was both fulfilled and depressed.

Our world, particularly Africa is missing out on great and priceless opportunities by not setting an agenda for building a world fit for her precious children and empowering them to function in that world. We are losing irrevocable resources, subjecting the collective destinies of our precious children to chance.

In our organizations, we have continued to set agendas for the foregoing since 1997, recognizing that ‘Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement.’ Our commitment is to move our world in the direction of CARE. What is this CARE? It is to anticipate and identify the needs and threats to our precious children, make adequate preparations, according to global standards to meet those needs and mitigate the threats well before they arise. We know that the failure to CARE results in neglect or abuse of our precious children and the impact of the same is eternal except there is divine intervention. Our commitment, therefore, is to bring to the very front burner of the consciousness and conscience of private and public institutions in Africa and among people of African descent everywhere, the rights and responsibilities of our precious children for due respect in the best interest of the child. That is our life and relentless pursuit.

It is in the spirit of the foregoing that we keep creating diverse programs and products aimed at empowering both our precious children and their primary and secondary parents.

In recent times, recognizing that our precious children are under siege, considering the untold and often minimized pressure of being a young person in a digitalized world, where their minds are stressed out by a deluge of information, which we have not taught them how to process and respond to, we have focused our attention on helping them( young people) make sense of the cacophony of a world where truth does not just have 50 but infinite shades and nothing is as it appears anymore.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we launched the League of Greatness Virtual Club for our young people from age 7 to 17, holding 2 classes twice a month and teaching them their inevitable roles in their Personal Safety and Self-Protection, undergirded by Positive Value System, in accordance with Universal Principles of how God created this world to function. We also organized series of conferences, hosting over 1,000 young people during the period.

On March 25, 2022, we launched the Mission K..I.N.Dness to help our precious youngsters to deal with bullying and sundry matters.

Our mission to our children began in 1997 when we founded Heights, Drug and Cult-free Club.

Our comic, S A F.E®Ville began in March, 2019 and despite the COVID-19 interruptions of 2020 we have right now 9 editions downloadable from our store at It is a pioneering effort of taking hold of entertainment and using it to promote the best interest of the child and his/her family. It is our commitment to begin to create positive alternatives to the negative media and its impact. Evil has never submitted at the feet of those who complain about it, but those who dare to do something about it. Here is our contribution to the sanity of the minds of our precious youngsters as we expect our 10th edition, ‘Every Part of My Body is Private to Me’ to see the light of day this may. That will be the birth a fresh movement, aimed at transforming the known curriculum of Sexuality Education across the globe.

Here is our conclusion and commitment, creating a world fit for our precious children and preparing them to thrive in it cannot be a subject of trends and sensationalism but a product of active and proactive engagements, predicated on a defined agenda, pursued with a SENSE OF MISSION.


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