Tieriayooluwa was born in the early hours of Monday, October 25, 2021, and his arrival terminated 15 years of preparing to have him in our midst. Since he has been here, our preparation has moved from expecting to have him to raising him.

If you ask me, which is more engaging, preparing to have him or preparing to raise him? I think both are engaging in their unique measures. Both are driven by faith in God, peace in our hearts, commitment to knowledge, which is WHAT to do, skills, which is HOW to do and attitude, which is the FORTITUDE to do. The number one consideration in fortitude is to understand the REASON behind both seasons.

If you ask me, which one do you prefer? I think the issue of preference does not arise. What I will rather say is that our 15 years of preparation served its purpose, under God, WHO at His appointed time brought the bundle of joy, Tieriayooluwa into our lives. This season of taking responsibility to raise him in volatile times like these comes with its own measureless blessings and challenges. We are blessed to have been prepared and we are also blessed to live out the preparation by God’s grace.

You will note that I have exercised spiritual or philosophical restraint not to use the word, delay. I know for sure that in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, there are no delays. There are only appointed times and season. God does not keep anyone waiting. It is only that for his appointed times and seasons, there are procedures.

This sixth month brings with it for Tieriayooluwa a couple of milestones. He is weaned of exclusive breastfeeding and appropriate complementary foods are introduced. He tasted his first drop of water. He sits up now for a longer time. He has started taking baby steps in crawling, effective enough to crawl up to 10 meters before looking back, exploring his curiosity and his environment as the object. He has 2 lower teeth, though they are made of milk😁. He partially responds to his name, turning his head in the direction where it is called. He mumbles some words and the most audible are ‘mama’ and ‘pa.’ He takes everything to the domain of his mouth, including the hands of mum and dad and sometimes his toes. He is easily distracted when eating by sounds from the TV or phones. He has assumed a level of stability in his sleeping regime. What I love most? He smiles a lot and spices his smiles with an abundance of laughter, cutting the picture of a happy child.

Participatorily watching TIERIAYOOLUWA to grow has made us more observant as parents and grateful too, celebrating every milestone as significant. To God be the glory great things He has done with our son and great things He is determined to do. We rejoice. Happy sixth month birthday son. Keep growing in WISDOM, in STATURE, in FAVOUR with GOD and in FAVOUR with man in Jesus name.

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