Identifying 41 Human Hindrances to the Protection of the Child’s Rights(10)

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, I walked into Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, to speak with more than 240 couples, who had decided to take the bold step to adopt children. I was the guest of the Office of Youth and Social Development of Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development.

The programme was the post-counselling seminar for adopters in Lagos State. My role was to discuss Child’s Rights and Abuse. It was my second coming as I was on ground a year before to share along the same line.

I spoke out my heart to my patient and listening audience. My interest was the best interest of the children. I am interested in the protection of the children, who will be given out for adoption. I have found that except there is sound reorientation, adoption and foster parenting do not always work out in the best interest of the child, even in developed countries.

I must commend the efforts of the Lagos State government in doing its best to introduce sanity into the adoption processes and procedure in the state. I want to enjoin the state to ensure a deft post-adoption monitoring system. I must also commend the couples who took the decision to adopt. May God grant them grace to give the children being adopted, a future and a hope.

Join me today as I share with you the 28th Human Hindrance:
28. The misguided adopter: These ones adopt children for every reason but their understanding of the noble idea of giving a future and a hope to a child. They adopt a child because they want a playmate for their only child. It is my conclusion that where a couple or a person adopts a child for the playmate reason, the child will be treated as a toy to the child to whom the adopted child is to be a playmate.

I tell them they do not need to go through the rigour of adopting a child for the purpose of finding a playmate; they should go for a toy instead of going through the rigour of adoption.

Some adopt because they want the adopted child to be a forerunner for their own child. It is a general belief in this part of the world that couple, who do not has children early in their marriage, could attract child birth by bringing a child into their home by way of adoption or foster parenting.

Therefore, they seek adoption in adherence to the foregoing belief.  Sadly they do not see the adopted child as their own child. Now if their own child does not come, you can be rest assured that they will treat the adopted child miserably as he has not been able to fulfill his own part of the deal of drawing another child from God. They consider every investment on the child as colossal waste.

The other side of the coin is that when they have a child after the adopted child, attention shifts immediately to the new child. The adopted child has finished his assignment. In most cases the adopted child becomes an object of obnoxious abuses in the hands of the adoptive parents.

29 The key household practices ignorant: The existence this human hindrance was first revealed to me when I was attending Training the Trainer Programme at the United Nations House Abuja. One declaration at the training was that many more children die from childhood diseases, more from lack of knowledge of Key Household Practices (KHHP) than from non availability of treatment.

Key Household Practices focuses on preventive measures and early intervention strategies, which every custodians of the life of the child must be aware of and be ready to practice as the situation demands. Many are around children today, who are not aware of these Key Household Practices, not to take of being prepared to use them or actually engage them when it is very crucial to the survival of the child.

As I round off this part of the human hindrance, I will like to share with you the four categories of Key Household Practices follows: The first Growth Promotion & Development; the second is Disease Prevention; the Third is Home Management, and the last is Care Seeking & Compliance

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