Identifying 41 Human Hindrances to the Protection of the Child’s Rights(5)

Welcome to the most beautiful weekend you ever lived. We are set to continue the journey, as we began four bus stops away, four weeks ago. I guess it is a critical journey, which none of us must vow not to miss.

For those, who did not start with us, please send me a mail, I will reach out to the comfort of my magnanimity to send you the soft copies of the editions you missed.

Last week, we stopped at the 12th human hindrance. Please, put your minds together as we take our journey from the 13th human hindrance, and make it a point of duty to watch out for yourself as we go on in this journey and make up your mind to make necessary adjustments.

13. The Perfectionist: These ones do not take it easy with themselves or with their children. They consistently forget that no one is perfect and that their children do not expect them to be perfect. All that is expected of them is to be comfortable with their mistakes and teach the children under their care to do same.

The perfectionist sees the child as a balm with which to massage his ego. Their first error begins with the fact that they want to be perfect custodians of the life of the child. Therefore, they find it difficult to analyse their mistakes, immortalise the lessons as a keys to better decisions in future, and above all forgive themselves.

Their second error is that they want to raise perfect children. Therefore, they become snares to their children, loading them with rules that no man, even an adult is created to follow. The irony is that if they have just stopped to take a look at their own lives, they would have found that they themselves have not been able to follow the rules they load their children with. While we have a responsibility to raise our children well, we do not have the responsibility to be perfect or give our children the impression that we are perfect or give the children the perspective of life that they have to be perfect or relate with only perfect people.

If a child is raised by a perfectionist he becomes fastidious and if care is not taken, he repels people.  I urge the perfectionist, the words of Dr. Henker: ‘stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him.’

14. The Child Silencer: These ones do not see the child, not to talk of hearing him/her or respect his/her opinion. They believe the child has no opinion. As far as the Child Silencer is concerned, the child is a robot, who must answer for a programmed command. Tyler Perry said of his father, ‘his only answer to everything was to beat it out of you.’

There is no room for the child to participate in matters that concern him. They also promote the Yoruba philosophy, ‘ki lomode mo?’ That is, ‘what does a child know?’ They forget another Yoruba philosophy, ‘Omode gbon agba gbon la fi dale ife.’ That is, the Ife town came into existence by the combined wisdom of the young and the old.’

15. The Exploiter: These are wicked men and women who milk the child for pecuniary interest. They are the dull brains behind kidnapping, child trafficking, child prostitution, child labour, and every other form of child exploitation; their hearts are seared with hot iron. Their conscience likewise is deadened.

16. The Deceiver: These are people, who out of their search for food for the belly chose to preach the gospel of children rights crusade. They are often NGO merchants, who delight in robbing gullible donor agencies by presenting before them for funding shoddy projects that are not designed to take off.

They are agencies of government who are feeding fat on the innocent blood of the child. They are in fact drunk with his blood. These ones pretend to love the child but they hate him. It is only someone they use as a pawn in the trade of deception.

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