Identifying 41 Human Hindrances to the Protection of the Child’s Rights(8)

Dear friends, sure you are warming up for the best of weekend. Mine is going to be a very hectic, but I am not complaining. I am going to be doing what I am born to do. To stop doing it is like signing up for suicide. What is this thing that I am born to do?

It is captured in a three-fold mandate I received by divine inspiration on Sunday, February 16, 1997, to: 1.Seek change through knowledge 2. Practice change through desire, discipline and skill 3. Disseminate change through my lifestyle. It is in pursuit of the foregoing that I do all that I do. So, on this Saturday, I will be working with young people and adults to disseminate our programme. I believe God for strength, so, help me God.

Join me today as I begin with the 20th Human Hindrance. Please, enjoy and learn.

20. The unprepared: These are young men and women, who are not married nor prepared emotionally and financially to raise a child. Because of their inability to control their lust and passion, which they wrongly called, ‘love,’ they engage in premarital sex.

One of the consequences of such unholy alliance is what is called, ‘unwanted pregnancy.’ Many children, who were raised by grannies or abandoned on the streets or are today in different orphanages are product of ‘unwanted pregnancies.’

21. The angry: Many angry for different reasons and the custodians of the life of the child are not exceptions. Some are angry against the system, and some against their spouse. As I shared few months ago, the word children are an acronym, where D stands for delightful. I opined that children are delightful being and full of innocence and unblemished simplicity.

I further postulated that a child does not have the capacity to make any adult angry, except an adult, who already has anger in him. What children suffer from angry custodians a lot of time is transferred aggression. Custodians do not understand that even when a child needs correction; it cannot be done in anger.

Once we attempt to correct a child in anger, we do not communicate discipline, which is the goal of correction, we pass on anger. The tragedy of this kind of situation is that we end up raising angry children. And when a child is angry, he is a kettle of gun powder, which may explode on himself as a suicide bomber, on the family, fellow children and the society in general.

Hitler was an angry child, who became an angry adult. He killed millions of Jews. Ted Bundy grew up angry and he confessed to thirty murders, but investigation concluded that he murdered between thirty-five and hundred people. The fact that he read psychology as his first degree did not solve his anger problem. Same was Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, who did not only run down his country, but was accused of cannibalism.

22. The God-unconscious custodians: These ones say they are free thinkers. They do not understand that God rules in the affairs of men, including the task of raising children right. In the acronym of the word, parent shared two weeks ago, I said that alphabet T stands for turn to God.

I believe in the submission of the Bible that says “except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.” The custodians in this category believe in physical strength as the way to prepare for the delicate task of parenting or solve any problem that arises in the course of the noble cause. Unknown to them every human being on the face of the earth is an agent of either God or the devil.

Some are conscious agent of either personality while the majority are unconscious agents. The truth of the matter, however is that both personalities have different agendas they are unrepentantly committed to. God has the mission to give life and give it more abundantly.

The devil has a mission to kill, to steal and to destroy. Now, whether you are a conscious agent or an unconscious one, the two personalities are skilful in working through you, depending on your availability.

23. The hypocrite: These ones say one thing and do another. They do not believe that actions speak more volumes than countless voices of instruction. They are very sharp with their tongues and very weak in their character.

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