Let Us Spare Men of the Nigerian Police

Let us spare the men of the Nigerian Police…They are charged with securing the lives and property of Nigerians? Please note that the security of lives and property of the people is one of the cardinal and primary responsibilities of the State.

But the age-long principle is, you can’t give what you don’t have. The question how does a police, which is not socially secured and equipped secure the lives and property of the people?

It is therefore not enough to declare check points illegal…If the new acting IG is committed to a new Nigerian Police, he should boldly make as his primary area of concern the WELFARE of the police and thereafter a mass reorientation of his men, then a new measure of discipline.

Have an INSPIRED Weekend.

One comment

  1. Good day sir,
    While I agree with you as regards your foregoing submission, I find it quite difficult to relate the ill-performance of the cardinal function of the police to welfare issues, rather the latter should carry the heavier weight, I suppose.
    In other words, the primary concern of the IG if committed towards the discharge of his calling should be to re-straighten the disjointed orientation of the police force.
    In the 80s, while I was growing up, I used to dream of becoming a police officer, that was an era, when the profession was quite prestigious despite a very low pay/welfare concern by the government.
    Today, police profession has been totally defaced, irrationally operated, calously mean and deceptively connotative. While one may not agree to the fact that an average Nigerian police officer earns more than an average nigerian graduate, I doubt, if the argument can be proven otherwise. Today’s employers offer Nigerian graduates as ridiculously low as N40,000. Very few private jobs can boast of paying100,000 for a graduate. Very very few in this era of high cost of living.
    Alas, in the government sector, from Education, to Health, Security/Police, Immigration and so on, the average amount that a graduate securedly earns is around N100,000, amongst other benefits/entitlements.
    This argument is not by anyway to singpraise our non functional successive goverments, rather it is to aptly give a situational realistic obtainment in our security forces, typically the Police.
    Succinctly stated, Nigerian Police needs more than a full force overhauling orientation to get them to stop the dastard obnoxious killings of the innocent souls under the auspice of N50 extortion from commuters as well as the same extortion under the canopy of welfarism.
    It should not be a call for their improved welfare yet, as this seem to continually excuse their perpectually unrepentant evil act.
    The extortion and killings they daily engage in is not a function of welfarism, but wrong bequeathed tradition of corruption without adequate punitive measures to follow suit.

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