When is a System Incomplete?

It is the weekend and as my custom is, I do not want to hit us with heavy dose of  FIREWorks as we do during the week. Here is our Daily FIREWorks for today: a word of wisdom I came in contact with many years ago and it has become very instructive and helpful in my crusade for the best interest of the child.  Please enjoy V.R Teneja:

So long as there is one child who has failed to obtain the precise educational treatment his individuality requires; so long as a single child goes hungry, has nowhere to play, fails to receive medical attention he needs; so long as the nation fails to train and provide scope for every atom of outstanding ability it can find; so long as there are administrators or teachers who feel no sense of mission, who cannot administer or who cannot teach, the system will remain incomplete.” V.R Teneja

Have an INSPIRED Weekend.

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