I have noticed that Nigerians are very deep thinkers when it comes to giving our children names…Consider: Oluwatamilorenla (God gave me a precious and invaluable gift), Oluwatobiloba(God is awesome in royalty), Oluwafunmike(God gave me to treasure), Odinakachukwu(It is in the hand of God) and so on

As parents, until our commitment to the names we give our children becomes empirically demonstrated by the way we treat them in terms of Mentoring, Modelling and Moulding, which answer to Wisdom, Character and Sacrifice (Time, Energy and other resources), the names as meaningful as they are, are nothing but huge jokes as they will have no iota of impact on the present and future of the children.

I therefore urge you today that as you deal with these children, you must ask the per-second question: are my actions (in words and deeds) towards my children in conformity with the values in the name I gave them at birth.

I think a child’s name signifies the intention of the giver. If this is so, the givers of the name must not only act towards the child in conformity with the values of the name given but must also become the police and ambassador of the name to all and before all.

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