Children are not Vulnerable, Adults are only Irresponsible

The subject of child vulnerability is on top of my mind this day. It is often said that children are vulnerable. Children are not vulnerable, I beg to declare. I believe that the vulnerability of the child is not in his fragility but in the inability of the custodians of his spirit, soul and body to rise to the defence of his existence either by commission or omission. Children are not created to care for themselves. They are created to be cared for spirit, soul and body. The tragedy of our day is that many people, who bring children to this world are either not aware of their responsibility or are have abandoned same. Therefore the children, who did not write an application to this world, are left in the cold.

The first set of custodian, who set the tone of the life of the child are the parents/guardians, who must not only be aware of their responsibility in this regards but must also be committed in performing the divinely assigned role.

What we call child’s vulnerability is simply adult’s irresponsibility. There are 18 (eighteen) categories of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC). None of them is an act of God. Everyone is traceable to human action and irresponsibility of adults.

Permit me to give an illustration. Consider a building loaded with treasure and situated in densely populated area. The building does not become vulnerable by virtue of its location and the contents therein. It only becomes vulnerable where proper and professional security measures are not taken to protect the building by its owners, caretakers or occupants. Any time there is a break into the house, it will always be as a result of a security breach or security lapse. Relate this example to our children. May God grant us wisdom to give a future and a hope to our children.

Thank you and have an INSPIRED day.

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  1. I agree because you have said the real reason why lots of youngsters live a rebellious life today, yet they “irritate” and are condemned by the same people who failed in their responsibility to train them properly. God bless you!

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