Single Parenting: Another Definition (1)

One voice counts. Someone needs to blow the whistle for action; hence I crawled out of the comfort of my luxurious bedroom to do this short advocacy.

Have you noticed that the term, ‘single parenting’ has taken a new dimension in our country today? We have no thanks to give to the rat race in our country and lack of planning on the part of the most supposedly educated in our country. Many do not make plans before making children. In my work: ‘Taiwo Akinlami’s 35 Child Protection CREED,’ I submitted that one of the greatest tragedy that can befall our world is to bring to this world children without a concrete plan to meet their five (5) basic needs.

People complain that the state of the nation is the reason why parents abandon their children. I beg to disagree. The state of the nation has been with us now for more than three decades. Most of the parents of today were born into the state of the nation. We should have considered the state of the nation before inviting children to this world. It is not by force that we should bring them here. They are safer with God than being brought here to be miserable.

Today, the new definition of single parenting is that though a man and woman are still married and living under same roof, the responsibility of parenting has been delegated to one of the parents, in most cases the woman.  In some extreme cases, which are becoming very common these days, the single parent is the nanny, house helps or both. These people have more influence on the children than the biological parents. I speak at Parents’ Fora of schools from time to time. I have had the privilege of doing this in some of the leading schools in this country.  If 50 people are in attendance, 48 will be women and 2 men. Out of the 48 women at least 10 will be house helps and nannies. I have to leave you on this depressing note though my goal is to inspire. I will continue on Monday by God’s grace. Have an INSPIRED Weekend.

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