Child Protection: Reflections of a Rescued Man

I5 years ago I gave my life to Christ. He became my Lord and saviour. My life, which hitherto was in a total mess as a result of my troubled upbringing, received the power of divine transformation. I have since witnessed seemingly impossible changes in every area of my life.  My journey with Jesus has been a very rewarding one. In fact there is no loss at all, except a deluge of benefits, which it is not possible for me to count.

As I began to work with Him and received His healing(which is a continuous process) , He gave me a mandate: To bring to the front burner of the conscience and consciousness of individuals, private and public institutions in Africa, the rights and responsibilities of the child for due respect IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.’This heavenly mandate is two-fold: first, to educate stakeholders in the life of the child on the urgent need to respect the rights child and teach him/her responsibilities. Second, to reach out to those, who have experienced one form of childhood abuse or the other that there is hope for healing, provided they are willing to take full responsibility for their turnaround.

I always tell parents/guardians and teachers that the fact that they were not properly raised is not the reason why they should repeat the errors of their parents. They must make a conscious commitment to break the hold of wrong upbringing and give their children a future and a hope.  I have come to understand that a new generation does not answer to time and position…It answers to a decision to break an unproductive ancestral habit or stronghold.

I decided 15 years by the grace given to me by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to begin a new generation of Akinlami family with my own nuclear family, the Taiwo Akinlami Family. My mission is to hold on to God’s gift of liberty in Christ Jesus and lead a positive value-change. God has been faithful in helping me to chart a new course, which is a sharp departure from that of my forefathers. Friends I charge you today to take your destiny and that of your household into your hands and choose to give your children a hope and a future, which your parents did not possibly give you due to ignorance and not necessarily because they are wicked or unconcerned. Please have an INSPIRED day.

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