Protection Right: How to Handle a Bully (3)

It has been a very busy week and weekend for me. I have moved from one place to the other preaching the gospel of children’s rights and responsibilities. One of these days, I hope to see you face to face as I go about with this message, maybe I will be in your school.

Let me quickly share with you the third reason why I believe children bully. I think children bully in retaliation or self defence. This is very common. Some children believe that when they are bully by another friend, it is a sign of weakness on their part and that they will lose face if they do not fight back. A lot of school fights begin from this point. A lot of times some children want to take side with their friends or seek revenge for their sibling.

When I was in class 2 in secondary school, I found myself in this situation. I classmate was fond of bullying me. One day, I was tired of being bullied by him. Instead of reporting the matter to our teacher, I decided to defend myself. I boxed him right on his nose. He began to bleed seriously. We were both taken to the principal’s office. At the principal’s office, I became the guilty party. Why? My class mate who was the first to bully me was the one bleeding. The principal did not listen to me. The bleeding classmate was innocent and I was guilty. My name was written in the school’s black book.

You see dear children; the lesson here is that you cannot afford to take the law into your hands, when you are bullied. You must not fight back. You must report to your teacher. Do you understand me? I am sure you did. It is well with you. Have a great week as you join me next week when I will discuss with you how to stop a bully.

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