As a matter of URGENCY, ADD these 4 to your VIRTUE CART today, I Humbly urge!

As a matter of urgency, I think there are 4 things you must consciously add to your VIRTUE CART because the GRACE of GOD makes adequate PROVISIONS for it:


1. GRATITUDE: let it flow from your heart and find expression in your mouth for an act of kindness…Nobody owes you anything. So be deliberately GRATEFUL when God uses a man or an institution to bless you.

2. LOYALTY: be loyal to people according to what you have made them believe of you concerning them, particularly in their absence, where no one sees you but GOD and your WORDS of commitment to them. To be disloyal is to be a SABOTEUR. To be a SABOTEUR is to sow a dangerous seed…It produces SPEEDILY.

3. SPEAK THE TRUTH OF YOUR CONSCIENCE: Never deny anyone, who seeks your genuine advice and to who you have a DUTY OF CARE (even when it is  not solicited), the TRUTH of your CONSCIENCE: Your REAL OPINION on a matter. Today, TRUTH is lacking. TRUTH has been placed on the shaky and shameful SHELF of SELFISHNESS and sold for the worthless PRICE of SELF PRESERVATION…A commitment not to rock the boat, even when your silence will sink it.  Learn from King Solomon: ‘Open REBUKE is better than LOVE CONCEALED.’

4. AVOID COMPARISON: it is an act of utter foolishness, an exercise in futility. You will never have enough facts to facilitate your comparison project. Nature does not support it! LIFE IS A RACE OF 7 BILLION PEOPLE WITH 7 BILLION DESTINATIONS. Focus on your own RACE.  Take it from me: COMPARISON is carefully ordained by the enemy of your soul for DISTRACTION and DESTRUCTION. Don’t play into his hands.

Have an INSPIRED Week.

Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the LORD’s Day. 2348033620843


  1. it is indeed inspiring and insightful… Its a value added information not ot be taken likely. Noted for action… Thank you Sir.

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