Dear Teacher, INSPIRATION is Superior to INFLUENCE…Now, I Show You From Experience How to INSPIRE!

Welcome to FireWorks on Monday. This column is dedicated to inspiring teachers to do all things in the best interest of the best interest of the child.

It is my deepest desire to see teachers transcend the place of influence in the lives of the children under their care to the place of inspiration. Influence may happen by position, inspiration only happens by a consistent example of genuine care to a person or people.

Many seek to influence or seek to assert their influence on people. I strongly believe that influence without  inspiration will not lead to any lasting impact. For there to be lasting impact in our profession as teachers, we must move from influence to inspiration.

Also note that Influence is not an end in itself. It is must be an opportunity for inspiration. Otherwise its life span is miserably short. It is a fact of life that no matter how long influence my live, its life span is shorter than a vapour once it is not become a means of transportation for inspiration. That is why many teachers and even parents are troubled that many of the pupils and children hardly remember them or get in touch after they have been released from their influence. Influence without inspiration may leadership boring and instructions hard to receive. Therefore the number one responsibility of a leader is not only to teach vision, but to consciously and skillfully keep inspiration alive.

Please note that while influence may be asserted by many means, the chief of which is your position over the children under your care, inspiration is only disseminated by genuine care. Please note  something else about being an inspiration. When you inspire people, they will celebrate you beyond your wildest imagination. Also note that to inspire, you stoop to conquer…I mean you must make yourself of no reputation.

I have concluded therefore that inspiration can not be done by human capacity. It begin with trusting God, whose nature is INSPIRATION. He always says to us, ‘neither do I condemn you.’ In fact the more of God you know, the more inspirational you become. 

It is also my irresistible conclusion that for us to inspire fellow human beings, we must have faith, first in God and in humanity. With faith in God, knowing that He sent us here to be a blessing to others, for which He handsomely rewards us, we dedicate ourselves to service to humanity.

Faith in God is beyond trusting Him for our needs. It is about understanding that we are here to meet needs. It is about understanding that our needs being met is not an end in itself. It is a means by which God does not only empower us to help others but also shows us to the world as an example of his possibilities. God did not give man dominion to meet his needs. He gave him dominion to rule his world. With faith in God, we develop faith for His creation, humanity.

Join me today as I share with you on the subject of faith as the key to inspiration:

Small faith knows the acts of God,
Big faith knows the way of God.
Small faith seeks success,
Big faith seeks greatness
Small faith seeks blessings,
Big faith seeks to be blessings.
Small faith seeks healing,
Big faith seeks to heal the world.
Small faith builds buildings,
Big faith builds men.
Small faith builds personal mansions,
Big faith builds institutions of refuge.
Small faith seeks a voice,
Big faith gives the world a voice.
Small faith counts his blessings in possessions,
Big faith counts blessings in lives touched and transformed.
Small faith keeps his treasures on the earth,
Big faith keeps its treasures in heaven.
Small faith knows all men after the flesh,
Big faith knows all men after God-ordained Human Ingenuity.
Small faith seeks to get,
Big faith seeks to give.
Small faith opens the door to personal comfort,
Big faith opens the door to hall of fame of greatness.
Small faith resides in small minds,
Big faith resides in big minds, the mind of Christ.
Look around you,
What do you see?
Small faith?
Don’t look too far,
Look into yourself,
What faith do you carry?
Build your faith,
What faith do you build?

Thank you for joining me today. I will see you next week by God’s Grace. Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future!

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