Read My Short Story…Yet Very Intructive:The Unknown Teacher and the Bathroom Slippers.

Welcome to FireWorks on Monday. I am here this day to do something very simple. I am here to share with you as teachers and parents that one example is worth more than a billion of instruction.

I therefore submit that there is no better way to lead and discipline children except by example…To attempt anything otherwise is to set up the children under our care for frustration and double standard. I leave my story today to do the rest of the talking.

It was career day in a primary school and children were asked to come to school modeling the profession they intend to pursue in the future. A child, who wanted to become a teacher, had a running battle with her parents, when she packed a pair of bathroom slippers. The parents insisted that a pair of bathroom slippers is not in the dress code of a teacher. The child insisted it was. When the parents further probed, the child said, ‘our teacher in some cases wear a pair of bathroom slippers to the class room to teach.

It is important to note that this child was originally inspired by the father, who is also a teacher in another school. You can imagine the kind of conflict of modelling that the child is exposed to. I leave the rest of the story to your imagination. The lesson is clear: ‘children do not do what we say…They do what we do…Again, even when we do not say…What we do says a lot to the children, who keenly observe us. 

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