God did not create the child foolish. In fact God the child is born wise. He has enough wisdom to cooperate with nature and experience growth. He has the wisdom to cry at birth, announcing his arrival, knowing that if he does not cry he will be buried.

The Holy Writ says, Jesus grow in wisdom. The question is how someone grows in something that does not exist? He could not have grown in what He does not have.

Adults underrate children. They have a baseless conclusion that the child does not know anything. They believe that the reason why God made them the custodian of the child is because the child is foolish. They do not know that the reason they are custodians is to help the child discover his genius. They do not understand that they are to relate with the child depending on his age and understanding that he knows something. James Dobson says children from 18 months have an understanding of what a custodian wants him to do.

Sadly, custodians dictate to the child. In fact some overbearing custodians live for their children. In the process, they do not allow the child to live not to talk of growing. They do not allow the child to give expression to his God-given talents, not to talk of helping him to maximise them.

These ones of course do not raise children. They raise robots. What am I even talking about? It would have been better if they raise robots. Robots are useful to humanity. A child, who is not raised to be conscious that he is wise and curtailed and treated as a fool may not be useful to himself, family and community.

Permit me to warn that being a child is not synonymous with being foolish, being weak and being irresponsible. The child must therefore be treated with respect and his opinion taken into consideration, particularly in matter that concerns him.

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