Child Protection CREED 28:The impact of wrong upbringing is forever except there is divine intervention

It is better for a child not to be abused than for the child to be rehabilitated after abuse.

A child is not created to be abused. In God’s plan for the child abuse is not there. Therefore when we abuse a child we work contrary to the plan of God. We destroy the foundation of the child’s existence. The scary fact is that an abused child is a dehumanised child and the possibility of his living a normal life is very narrow except by divine intervention. I mean the child as he attains adulthood coming to God to replace in his life, the virtues the custodians have removed. I must also say that even where there is divine intervention, the teenager or adult abused at childhood comes to God, he must be ready to work daily with God for a total restoration. He cannot be a passive participant in the healing process. Such was my case when 15 years ago submitted my life to Christ and He began the healing process in my life. 15 years down the line, despite the rigorous nature of the healing process, I am still work in progress. I am not where I want to be but I am not where I used to be. Therefore I rejoice that where there is life there is hope for transformation.

I charge you to think twice before you mete out any abuse on the child, he might never recover.

Thank you for visiting. Think the CHILD…Think the TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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