Child Protection CREED 35: Child Abuse must redefined as a preventive measure

Let me pause here for a moment to say that the phrase ‘child abuse’ is too mild to describe the impact of abuse on a child. I will rather use the phrase, ‘child dehumanisation.’ The rights which a child is entitled to as I will later show you are inalienable or immutable. When these rights are taken away from the child, the child becomes lesser than a human being. This is what I tag dehumanisation.

What does it mean to dehumanise a person? According to Microsoft® Encarta® 2009, to dehumanize means, ‘to make somebody less human: to make somebody less human by taking away his or her individuality, the creative and interesting aspects of his or her personality, or his or her compassion and sensitivity toward others.’ Child dehumanisation takes humanity away from the child and brings out his/her animalistic instinct.

To really drive the message home and get my world to listen, I have decided to use the word, dehumanisation instead of abuse in the course of my discussion on child protection issues.

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