Child Protection CREED 37: Think the Child…Think Today…Think The future.

This is my payoff for my child protection crusade. The crusade is built on the philosophy that enlightenment is superior to enforcement, which I have already shared with you here. ‘Enlightenment is superior to enforcement’ is the philosophy, ‘Think the Child! Think Today! Think the future is the payoff of the philosophy.

My goal is to put the child, his rights and responsibilities permanently in your thinking. I want the thoughts of the child to be in your consciousness and conscience that you may do all and at all times in the best interest of the child. I believe that to get you to do this, I must get you to see the present and the future of the child. I want you to understand that what you make of the child today is who he becomes tomorrow. I want to remind you that the future of the child begins today and we must do our best under God to protect same.

I want to highlight the proverb that we do not inherit the world from our forefathers; we borrow it from our children and the state in which we return it matters to our children and their collective destiny. That is why I call on you this day to Think the Child…Think Today…Think The future

Thank you for visiting. Think the CHILD…Think the TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

Our Child Protection Audio Library Comprising of 7 Audio Books are available for order and immediate delivery depending on your location. They are well-researched and widely-applauded materials, carefully and meticulously designed to bring to your CONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIENCE the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of your children and EQUIP you with the INDISPENSABLE SKILLS to do all things in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. Be on the side of your child Today…Be on the Side of the Future…Place Your Order NOW! @ 234-8186830275(SMS Only) or send an email, titled: ORDER to Thank you and Stay INSPIRED.

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