Don’t be frustrated if you are trying to meet me and you cannot…
You are not alone…
I’m not sure I’ve met myself too,
It has been 16 years since I launched a rigorous missing-person campaign.
The original me, created by God was lost while men, including my primary caregivers slept …
I live today to find me…
I’m also told that there’s a shortcut;
I’m told, if I’ve found Christ, I’ve found me;
Yes, that is a profound truth, worthy of all commendation;
But you see, finding Christ is also sometimes hindered by that lost me.
What shall I do then?
I will stay in Christ, beholding Him like in a mirror until, I’m changed to His very image;
His original creation…
So help me God.
Have an INSPIRED week
Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the LORD’s Day(

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