All men are of GLASS,
We live in a world, called GLASS,
I’ve parted ways with STONES,
I held many in my hands in the days of boastful ignorance,
They are dangerous to the GLASS House,
Also STONES are for men, who are not made of GLASS,
Men made of STONE, fortified against any manner of MISTAKES.
I’ve embraced with all of me, these security gadgets of Four: LOVE, GRACE, CAUTION COMPASSION.
I’m a man of GLASS,
I live in a world of GLASS,
That, I may continue to shine,
I do not busy myself with SPECKS in the eyes of fellow men of GLASS,
I focus on removing my own many PLANKS,
For PLANKS are bigger than SPECKS,
They blind and disrupt my shining as GLASS.
I abide wherein I’m called with God,
I’m not called to the Ministry of Judgment.
Are you?!
Have an INSPIRED week.
Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the LORD’s Day(

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