Child Labeling: The Unconscious Pastime of an Unskillful Custodian

Now, this is the first principle: It is wrong for primary and secondary custodians/caregivers of children to label them in any anyway. You can’t say a child is too quiet or talk too much and you cannot say a child is a talkative. These are samples of unjust labeling of children, which have grave and dire impacts on their present and future as children.

Please note that labeling of children has become an unconscious pastime of many custodians. It is a pastime; I was subjected to in the hands of my custodians.

Whatever, you perceive as an imbalance in a child is not a problem. It is an assignment for you. It only becomes a problem when the custodian, because of his/her lack of knowledge, skill and attitude call it so. Children are supposed to be cultivated and cultivation takes time, skill and longsuffering, which many custodians do not have or lack the patience to discharge.

If a teacher complain that a child talk while he/she is teaching, the teacher should understand that he/she has a responsibility to exercise control over his/her class. If he/she is not able to do that, it is an indictment on him/her. A child, depending on his/her age may decide or choose to express himself/herself in a manner that may appear to disturb others; it is the responsibility of the custodians to cultivate the child.

Please note that I use the world, ‘cultivation’ carefully because whatever method the teacher must employ to exercise control over his/her class must not exercise domineering control over the free spirit and mind of the child, which is divine endowment or shut up or shut down the child and must not abuse the child in anyway.

When a teacher throws his/her hand in the air and say to a parent that a child talks too much as if that is a problem, I have a big problem. The problem is not the talking of the child but the lack of capacity of the custodians to cultivate. Even if the teacher wants to bring the talking of the child to the notice of the parents notice, it must never be presented as a problem…It should only be a subject in cultivation.

I think I should sign out here. Thank you for visiting today. Sure you learnt one or two things on how to Think the CHILD…Think TODAY and Think the FUTURE.

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