What Lessons Does Ignorance Teach Children?

Dateline: 2010: UNICEF trained leading journalists and producers of children program on Children Rights/Protection…To the question, which law protects children in Nigeria? None of the Child-focused journalists & producers knew of the Child’s Rights Act 2003, which forms the foundation of their work, promulgated 7 years earlier…

Dateline: June, 2014: SOS Children Villages trained teachers and parents on Child’s Rights and Discipline…Some of the teachers, who have been in the profession for over 30 years…None of them has ever checked the words, ‘Children’ and ‘Discipline’ in the dictionary before not to talk of doing a personal study on Child Discipline and Development…

I thought to myself: What Lessons Do Ignorance Teach? What Information Does Ignorance Disseminate? What Discipline Does Ignorance Instil? What Kind of Children Does Ignorance Groom or Raise? I invite you to be sober with me on my knees on this LORD’S Day…Alas!!! Primary and Secondary Caregivers lack Knowledge, Skills and Attitude without which no one shall successfully raise a COMPLETE CHILD…May God Help Us as we Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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