First, I will like to dedicate this piece to the LOVE of my life, the wife of my youth, Oluwafunmilayo Afolashade Elisabeth AKINLAMI, who I love dearly and in whom I am well pleased.

I wish you all, distinguished readers and duty bearers a great Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved ones.

Today, I will like to talk about LOVE but not in the general regard…My focus is LOVE for our precious children. Though, I believe that LOVE for our precious children is a daily affair, I beg to use the opportunity of Valentine’s Day celebration to nudge our conscience about the CRITICAL subject of LOVE as our precious children perceive it.

LOVE surely means many things to many people, depending on their state in life…The greatest lovers are those who know how to show it, thereby touching the core of the heart of the loved…Many are self-acclaimed lovers, who have frustrated the ones, they love because they lack the skill to touch the heart of the loved. In turn, many lovers are frustrated that they are not able to reach the core of the ones they love.

It is important to note that LOVE is not an end in itself…It is a means to an end…The end of LOVE is to successfully invest in the DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON of the LOVED…Helping the LOVED to see his/her invaluable worth under GOD.

It seems anyone or everyone, who seeks to LOVE genuinely knows that LOVE GIVES of itself and substances…But, I think the greatest challenge for even genuine lovers is WHAT to GIVE, WHEN to GIVE and HOW to GIVE it…WHAT to GIVE, WHEN to GIVE and HOW to GIVE it will depend on the lover’s accurate understanding of the person of the loved and his/her core needs thereof…

The foregoing separates the impulsive lovers from skillful and calculated lovers. This is the difference between God, the greatest and perfect LOVER, who HIMSELF is also LOVE and man.

LOVE, to our precious children means just two things: ATTENTION and APPRECIATION. ATTENTION and APPRECIATION is an INVALUABLE investment in the DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON of our precious children. It is also a SACRIFICIAL commitment to helping our precious children to DISCOVER and DEFEND the eternal truth that they are made in very IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD.

The meat of today’s admonition is that as primary and secondary caregivers, until LOVE for our precious children becomes one number one PRIORITY, we will only pay lip service to same. The beginning of making LOVING our precious children a conscious PRIORITY is our clear understanding of what LOVE means to children.

How do we measure PRIORITY? I think I will dedicate the whole of next week to sharing on this very important part of our discussion.

Do have an INSPIRED Valentine Celebration with your LOVED ones.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my KNEES on this LORD’S Day
(C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
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