My friend and sister, Ronke Adeniyi ‘poshpartypacks’ shared a video of a child being battered on Facebook…It is unimaginable what was being done to the very small child, who couldn’t have been more than 4 years old…The woman perpetrating the abuse is obviously very sick…I do not think she’s mentally balanced…She and and the child, being physically and emotionally abused need serious help…This is VERY PATHETIC…Yet VERY COMMON…There are countless other children suffering worst kinds of abuse both at LOWEST and the UPPERMOST CRUST of our society and far removed from the lenses of the camera…We are a people already ROBBED of our DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON and FREEDOM…Our children are mostly at the receiving of our SOCIAL MENTAL DISORDER or DAMAGE(SMD)…I think that is why those who film children being abused these days are more interested in filming the abuse and broadcasting same than rescuing the child from being abused? What society does that? To extol SENSATIONALISATION of abuse over the  PROTECTION of the CHILD and his/her CHILDHOOD?

It is being advocated that the woman must be arrested…I agree WHOLLY…But you see, her arrest does not help the child she already abused…His/her CHILDHOOD is already truncated, except there is divine intervention…
For others, who are yet to be abused, her arrest  may make sense but to the child, who is already abused, it is medicine after death…

You see, I don’t want us to miss the point I am laboriously trying to make…The real POINT in ISSUE is that our PRECIOUS CHILDREN are being abused and ROBBED of their CHILDHOOD by the very people, who are to protect them. I also submit that the abuser are not necessarily WICKED, they only lack a CULTURE of CHILDHOOD PROTECTION and PRESERVATION because they were raised and living in a continent that has no CULTURE of RESPECT for DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON…
What shall we do when a PROTECTOR becomes a PREDATORS because they do not know better?
I think I have an idea…This is my EUREKA MOMENT…Yes finally, I have found it,after 19 years of toiling in the wilderness of finding last PUBLIC INTEREST SOLUTIONS for an ENDURING PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of the CHILDHOOD of PRECIOUS CHILDRENR…
We must strengthen the cord of ENLIGHTENMENT, which is SUPERIOR to ENFORCEMENT…
Those who are enlightened must make a commitment to empower others…We want to disseminate the findings of this EUREKA MOMENT in a series of program we have slated to begin on Saturday, February 13, 2016…It is FRESH and DIVINELY INSPIRED and we shall share NEW and RADICAL THOUGHTS on Building an ENDURING CHILDHOOD PROTECTION and PRESERVATION CULTURE in AFRICA…Mind Your language…As a dear mentor, @olakunlesoriyan will say, this is strictly for the BIG MINDS…Follow the details on the handbill and REGISTER now…Do have an INSPIRED day.

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